We LOVE Math!

An explanation of Math Centers & Jounrnaling in 1st grade!

Ms. Oh's First Grade Class

Students practice their math skills through playing center "games" as well as through interactive journaling. We use a combination of collaborative work & independent work, and incorporate technology - iPads for more fun and engaging ways of learning math!

Math Centers

When it is time for math centers, students are assigned to grab the pink baskets & black folders. Inside the baskets and the folders, there are math games corresponding to the skill sets that we are learning for the quarter.

*The content inside the baskets and folders are changed on a monthly/quarterly basis, according to what the students are learning*

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Mystery Picture - Practicing our Number Sense

One of the centers is finding the mystery picture by coloring by number. Students find and color each number on the 100 and 120 chart to reveal the mystery picture!

Build, Draw, Write and Add!

Another one of our centers is a building center. Students use 3d shapes combined with their creativity to build anything they want. Then, they draw their creations, write how many shapes they used and add up the total amount of shapes used.

Place Value Go Fish!

At this center, students practice the numerical form, expanded form and the model form of numbers through a game of Go Fish!

First in Math using iPads

Using the iPad, students log on to www.firstinmath.com with their own usernames and passwords. Then, for 15-20 minutes, they play math games matched to their assessed skill sets. If they finish a game, they receive a sticker. The student with the most amount of stickers are recognized as the Player of the Day.

Math Journals

Math journals are used for extra practice as well as resources to refer back to when students need help remembering certain mathematical concepts.
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