About PFSD's Supplemental Levy

The replacement levy is on the May 18th ballot

PFSD Supplemental Levy: Information

  • The supplemental levy is part of PFSD's operating budget and supports existing programs and staffing.
  • 93 of 115 school districts in Idaho have supplemental levies.
  • The levy request is a renewal of $4.955 million per year for 2 years. The current levy expires in June.
  • This proposal, if approved May 18, will not increase school district taxes for the average Post Falls taxpayer.
  • Unlike other taxing entities, the levy request is for a fixed dollar amount.
  • If approved, the total dollar amount does not change based on growth in Post Falls.
  • As Post Falls grows, the school district tax is spread among more people, and school district taxes continue to decrease.
  • Post Falls School District's tax rate is the lowest in the area and one of the lowest in the state.
  • For example, 4 years ago, the district ran the same levy amount of $4.955 million, and the rate was $1.61 per thousand of assessed property value.
  • Today asking to renew the same amount of $4.955 million, the rate is $1.02 per thousand.

Early in-person voting

Monday, May 3rd, 8am

1808 North 3rd Street

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Vote in-person at the Kootenai County Elections Office.

Early voting occurs May 3—May 14.

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

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PFSD's levy: Classroom Support Personnel and Staffing

Post Falls School District spent over $2 million from our levy for certified and classified personnel. These staff positions include custodial, nutrition services, transportation, technology, maintenance, business services, classroom aides, support for students in special education, office, teachers, administrators, counselors, etc.

  • Why? Idaho’s funding formula was created in 1994 and does not take into account current school programming, rising healthcare costs, evolving student needs, and technological advances.

PFSD's levy: Curriculum

The district spent $296,451 from our levy on curricular materials including textbooks, student workbooks and instructional licenses.The state allocation to the district was $20,914.

PFSD's levy: Student Technology

Technology tools for student use and technology support staff are funded by levy dollars. Examples of these purchases include Chromebooks, instructional licenses in reading and math, classroom technology such as projectors, computer technicians, network security managers, etc. Tech support for all of our 1-to-1 devices keeps our IT Department on their toes!

PFSD's levy: Athletics and other Student Enrichment Activities

Post Falls School District is proud to offer a variety of athletics, clubs, and other student enrichment activities in our elementary, middle and high schools. Some examples include: band, choir, cross country, student council. wrestling, basketball, debate, softball, drama, football, and much more. Though these opportunities engage our students' hearts and minds, they are not funded by the state. The district spent $579,186 in order to offer these opportunities for students.

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PFSD's levy: KTEC

Approximately 100 Post Falls students attend Kootenai Technical Education Campus (KTEC). Nearly $270,000 from our levy provides students with this trade education. The following programs are offered at KTEC:

  • Automated manufacturing and design
  • Automotive technology
  • Collision and repair
  • Computer repair and networking
  • Construction trades
  • Diesel technology
  • Health professions/certified nursing
  • HVAC
  • Industrial welding and metal fabrication
  • Resort Academy (lodging management)

PFSD's levy: Transportation Services and Buses

Thirty-four bus drivers and eleven support staff ensure 2,700 Post Falls students are safely transported to school and events. Each school year, buses travel 310,000 miles. The state allocation for transportation was $1,362,048. The district spent an additional $881,750, which includes the purchase of 3 school buses each year.

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PFSD's levy: School Nurses

All 6 Post Falls School District Nurses are funded by supplemental levy dollars. These nurses split their time between 11 schools, supporting 6100 students. Post Falls High School's "medical careers" class is also taught by one of our school nurses. We are grateful for the work they do to improve the health of our students.
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Fast Facts

Many patrons and parents reached out to PFSD staff with their concerns about recent social media posts promoting misinformation about district financial practices, standards taught, curricular materials, and COVID-related operations. While the district does not engage in public debates on social media, it is important to share accurate information as it relates to the questions brought to our attention. Please visit our "Fast Facts" link to learn more.
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