Student E-Portfolio

Creating E-Portfolios

Google Sites:

Web Tutorials

Kid Blog:

Kidblog E-Portfolios Prezi

More Kidblog Tips for E-Portfolios

Non-Web Based E-Portfolios:

  • Use Powerpoint or Keynote
  • Create a homepage that has a table of contents (this may come after a title page, and intro page - but you want to the home page to be your table of contents)
  • Insert a hyperlink to each portfolio page that is in your table of contents
  • Insert a hyperlink back to the table of contents page - the home page, on each of the pages above (use a symbol like a house to hyperlink back to the home page, and attach the hyperlink to that image)
  • How to hyperlink in powerpoint (video)
  • How to hyperlink in Keynote (video)
  • see my e-portfolio as an example (some page links may not work as they should as presentation features have been affected moving from Keynote to PowerPoint)

Parents and the Web

Here's a great site that includes a sample permission form for parents, when creating e-portfolios online