Baylor University

Interior Design, Family and Consumer Sciences- Myia Peters

Baylor History

Baylor University was founded in 1845, and is located in Waco,TX. Baylor was founded to meet the needs of the current generation of students as well as all of the ages to come. It was founded by William M. Tryon, R.E.B. Baylor, James Huckins. They worked together to create this beautiful university. They survived many hardships! Baylor survived through the financial difficulties, the Great Depression, and World Wars!
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Baylor Fun Facts!


Tuesday, April 14th 2015 at 12am

700 South University Parks Drive

Waco, TX

Diadeloso is the day to get out and have some fun! This student holiday tradition where students have the day off to spend outdoors with friends! It has activities such as: Tug of War, Baylor Fun Run, and Sand Volleyball. They have anything you can think of when it comes to a festival!


Cost/Year- 53,838

4 Years- 215,352

2 Years- 107,676

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My Major at Baylor!

My Major will be Interior Design. At Baylor University my Major will be under the "Family and Consumer Sciences"

More about Interior Design!

As a Interior Designer I will have to be able to make beautiful and functional indoor spaces! I will be working with color, texture, shape, and size, and knowledge to create a attractive space. I am often hired by people who would like to redo there home, but i can also design in restaurants, banks, business offices,doctors’ offices, etc. I mainly see myself working on homes, and living spaces. The setting of Interior Design would be either in an office space, home, or the project you're working on.


The three goals i would like to set for myself is to focus more on how to design spaces, learn more about art, and have an internship so I can have more experience in this industry.

My Intrests at Baylor

I love the Baylor Women's Soccer! I would like to be apart of this porgram