8th Grade ELA County-Wide PLC

Summary of Events with Ashante Everett

Group A

We worked with creating lesson plans.

We discussed pacing and unpacking unit skills and knowledge.

We worked with other schools' teachers on technology, activating strategies, summary, and assessment prompts.

Group B

Take Away For The Day:

We talked about resources to be used in our lessons in the following areas: technology, activating strategies, assessment prompts, and summarizing. We unpacked the 2nd Emb. Assessment in Unit 2. We developed lesson plans around the CCGPS for the 2nd half of unit two. We found resources using Safari Montage.

Group C

We worked collaboratively in order to unpack the Embedded Assessment we will be doing next month.

We were able to work within out PLC's in order to complete detailed lesson plans for the next two weeks. This was greatly appreciated as we were able to have meaningful discussions regarding pacing and ways to creatively deliver the lesson.

We shared among schools strategies and best practices that can be implemented as we move forward.

Great training! :-)

Group D


Web Quest


My Big Campus-bundles and branch


More effective way of planning

We planned extensively for Unit 2

We unpacked the standards through the eyes of the teacher

Group E

We are elated that we had the opportunity to plan at the county level. Today, we learned numerous strategies to address technology, assessment prompts, activating strategies, and summarizing with our classes. We also planned and outlined our SpringBoard Unit 2 activities and Embedded Assessments. Awesome use of time!

In unpacking Embeddede Assessment 2 from Unit 2, we decided what our students would have mastered, what they struggle with, and what we would need to re-teach.