What is intuition?

Have You Ever Wondered...

What is intution?

Does everybody have it?

Is it always right?

You know that feeling you get when you meet somebody for the first time or go to a new place? That is called your intuition. We sometimes call it a gut feeling, a sixth sense, an inner voice.

Most of the time, we make decisions after thinking about the situation, like when going to a restaurant. We think about what we will order according to the food, the health benefits, and the price. We think logically and rationally before making our decision. However, sometimes, we make decisions based on what we feel is right.

Some researchers argue that intuition is more than just a feeling but it is something that we have already learned without realizing that we have learned them, like when we come across a tall, muscular strangers with scars, wearing all black, we get a feeling that those strangers are not safe to be around. That feeling could come from subconsciously learning that strangers that have scary scars and are strong are not nice or can harm us.

Everybody has intuition. Some are more correct than others. However, although intuition can be correct, it isn't always right. Sometimes, the tall, muscular strangers with scars, wearing all black can turn out to be the nicest people. When it comes to making the best decisions, we should always think with our heart and our brains, using both intuition and logic.

Try it out:


One thing you can do to keep track of your intuition is to have a journal to keep track of when you get a strong feeling about a situation or person, and you can go back and write if your intuition was right or wrong.

Blind Reading:

Another thing you can do is an activity from Life Gaiam (http://life.gaiam.com/article/4-ways-tap-your-intuition). Whenever you have a decision to make, you can do a blind reading by taking three index cards and writing the three decisions you could make. Then place them on the table blank side up and mix up the cards. Run your hand over the cards and remember the card you were most drawn to and least drawn to. Then flip over the cards and make a decision.