Manatee Elementary Newsletter 5/03

May 03, 2019

Reminder . . .

All library books are due back to the library. We must complete our annual inventory before the end of the school year. Your help with this is very much appreciated!

For Any Student With Medications in the Clinic

All medications must be signed out of the clinic by 12:30 P.M. on the last day of school. Please note that there may be long wait times as we try and sign medications out and continue to care for our students. Any medications left in the clinic will be disposed of per the Department of Health guidelines. Please feel free to contact the clinic with any questions regarding medication pick up and disposal procedures. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

May 06 -

May 07- FSA Math grades 3-6

May 08 - FSA Math grades 3-6, Bike To School Day, Chipotle Spirit Night (Green Committee)

May 09 - FSA Science grade 5

May 10 - FSA Science grade 5, Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at 11:00 am, Early Release at 1:15 pm

May 13 - Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

May 14 -

May 15 - Sunshine Sneetch Society Celebration 11:15 am -12:00 pm

May 16 - GSP Field Trip Eau Galle Civic Center, 2nd Grade Field Trip Riverlanes Bowling

May 17 - 6th Grade Field Trip Andretti Park, Early Release at 1:15 pm

Bike To School Day

This year's Bike to School Day is scheduled for Wednesday May 8, 2019. Bike to School Day is designed to remind both parents and students about the pleasure of biking to school and how simple one-day events can lead to great changes in the community. Such changes include long-term bicycling and walking programs, new sidewalks and pathways, enforcement of unsafe driving behaviors, and needed policy changes at schools and in communities. We look forward to seeing our students biking safely to school on “Bike to School Day”.

Thank You Cross Bridge Church for Supporting Manatee School and Families

Cross Bridge Church and Lead Pastor Brad Fink have gifted $200 to Manatee Elementary School. They have asked these funds be used to pay off all student lunch deficits. Thank you Pastor Fink and Cross Bridge Church for caring about our families and school!

Pastor Fink asked us to share this with our families, "Every Easter at Cross Bridge Church, as a way of remembering and reflecting God's generosity to us, we give 100% of our offering away."

Here is a list of organizations receiving their support this year:

  • Pay off all kids' school debt in Rockledge area schools
  • Church Planting
  • Sharpes Jail Ministry
  • Care for Pastors
  • Special Gathering (Church for adults with special needs in Brevard)
  • Crisis Pregnancy efforts
  • Kairos Prison Ministry
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