AP Lang and Comp

Junior English Class

What's going on in class...

AP Language and Composition has spent a great deal of time working with Martin Luther King, Jr. "Letter from Birmingham Jail" recently learning about both classical and modern argument. This week we are using "Letter from Birmingham Jail" as a focus to review all that we've learned about the AP exam so far: tricky multiple choice, rhetorical analysis essays, and argument essays. After break, we will spend a few days writing argument essays, studying fallacies, and then will shift to the rhetoric of apology speeches.

Students have three small essays assigned weeks ago due this Friday. If they are lounging about with nothing to do, you might ask them if all their essays are done. (:

ACT Prep

ACT Prep sessions have been well-attended so far. We have been working on the ever-problematic science test. Last week we practiced the "Research Report" section. The group voted to keep working on science, so this week we will tackle the "Data Analysis" section.

This group meets Thursday mornings 7:30-8:00, but students may also come Wednesday morning or Wednesday afternoons to do the practice sections. This is the senior tutoring time, so direct instruction isn't possible, but they can still practice and get extra-credit.

The ACT is in December. We will be devoting a class period after fall break for signing up for the test. Your student will need to see the counselors for waiver information if he or she qualifies for free or reduced lunch. If he or she doesn't qualify, a credit or debit card will be needed. The test runs about $50, so I encourage using those waivers if at all possible.

Look for the closed group "Mrs. Minton's Classes" on Facebook.

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