Germany, Italy, and Japan.

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Germany, Italy, and Japan

Germany and Japan got together because Germany needed an alliances to form a strong army. japan looked up to Germany during this time. The both complemented each other and each other had the same mind set on Soviet Union so they joined forces. Italy joined when Hitler put on a major display of military power for Mussolini and by the end of the visit, Mussolini became convinced that Germany was the power he should ally with. Italy thought Germany would lead Italy to becoming more powerful throughout Europe.

Germany Government

Germany Government is controlled by Adolf Hitler. He runs the Nazi. They started groups called the group promoted German pride and anti-Semitism. After Germany won war, the Nazi Party was outlawed and many of its top officials were convicted of war crimes related to the murder of some 6 million European Jews during the Nazis’ reign. At the end of the war, Germany lost and was forced to pay for everything they messed up. They ended up in great debt. They suffered and a lot of German people were captured and did labor work.

Italy Government

The Italy government was right along with Germany. They ran together and people started to serve their government. After math of Italians was horrible. They still fought, they still had riots, and had government reformation. Some Italians even moved to America.


During WW11, Japan had a militaristic government. Japan followed the example of Western nations. After the war Japan was mad. The whole town was destroyed. Japan basically lost all the territory acquired after 1894. All of they was destroyed and they were forced to do it over.