Pyramids of Giza


The Great Pyramid of Khufu

This pyramid is considered the most famous of the three pyramids at Giza. It is the biggest and is the most intact. It is one of the seven wonders of the world. The pyramid is estimated to have around 2,300,000 stone blocks that weigh from 2 to 30 tons each, some weigh even more than that. The base of the pyramid covers 592,000 feet. The interior temperature is constant and equals the average temperature of Earth, 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Pyramid of Khafre

2nd pyramid of the pyramids at Giza. This pyramid is easily recognizable because of it's original stones that remain at the top of the pyramid. It is 446 feet tall but appears taller than the great pyramid because it's on a higher part of the plateau.

Pyramid of Menkaure

Khafre's son, Menkaure, built the smallest of the three main pyramids on the Giza plateau. This pyramid stands 215 feet tall. It is thought that this pyramid was altered during mid construction and made a lot bigger than originally planned.


People have said the sphinx is thought of as protecting the pyramids. The body of the sphinx is sculpted from soft sandstone and it's body is 200 feet long and 65 feet tall. It faces the rising son and was respected and loved so much by the Egyptians that they built a temple in front of it.
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Deconstructing History - The Great Pyramids of Giza