Django Unchained

Reviewed by Aristotle, famous Greek philosopher

What does Aristotle say?(warning spoilers)

Plot- The plot of this film is the journey of a slave shortly before the civil war. In this movie a man, Dr. King Schultz frees a slave and offers him a job. A job as a bounty hunter after first buying his freedom Schultz and Django go on many adventures killing for money. Then Django admits he wanted enough money to buy his wife's freedom so Dr. King Schultz and Django set up a ploy to trick her owner(Calvin Candle) into letting her free. Sadly things do not go as planned and Schultz and others end up dying in a gun fight.

Character- Django, Dr. King Schultz, Calvin Candle and others make you feel the struggles of an African American man during pre-civil war America.

Diction- The diction of this movie was very important for the privileged Schultz and Calvin talked very properly and the slaves were made seen as lesser by these brutes because they did not have access to and education, but when Django talks properly, Calvin is shocked.

Thought- The thought of this movie is too attempt to show how horrifying a time this was in American history.

Sound- The slaves in the background, this sets a powerful somber and sad tone to the movie.

Spectacle- Django's undying will to get what he wants.