Mrs. Wallach's Firstie Flyer

Friday, March 18, 2016

It's Back!

After a bit of a hiatus, the firstie flyer is back and ready to recap the past two weeks of learning!

We had a surprise treasure hunt on St. Patrick's Day - we found clues all around the classroom that led us to a treasure. Where these clues came from is still a mystery but the general firstie consensus seems to be leprechauns!

Random reminder - if you're ordering scholastic books from the book orders I occasionally send home and would prefer to order online our classroom code is: M9HQZ

News and Events

Recent News and Events

Woodworking with Buddies: Last Tuesday we got together with our 4th grade buddies to do another Home Depot woodworking project!

Author Visit: On Tuesday we had a Vermont-local author, Tracy Campbell Pearson, visit MCS. She did a K-4 presentation on her own books and writing process followed by a first grade workshop.

Medical Students Visit: On Wednesday, second year medical students visited us part of their "On Doctoring" class. They practiced a general pediatrics check-up and our kids got to learn a bit about the human body!

Upcoming News and Events

Tuesday, March 22nd: Valley Terrace visit with 4th grade buddies

Friday, March 25th: Trip to Dartmouth Life Sciences

Thursday, March 31st: "Fiddlesticks" strings instrument presentation/workshop

Friday, April 8th: Teacher workshop day - no school for students

Monday, April 11th - Friday, April 15th: April vacation - no school

Thuesday, April 21st: "Peter Rabbit" at Lebanon Opera House

Academic Updates

Mathematics Focus

Number Composition - Composing numbers up to ten with two addends

  • developing fluency with and generating the 2-addend combinations of 10
  • finding relationships among different combinations of numbers up to 10
  • using 5 + 5 to reason about other combinations of 10

Whole Number Operations - Making sense of and developing strategies to solve additions and subtraction story problems

  • solving related story problems
  • solving a problem in which the total and one part are known

Representing Mathematical Thinking

  • using numbers and standard notation to record

IXL Practice Recommendation:

  • Addition (B12, B15, B16, B18)
  • Subtraction (D4, D5, D6, D7, D14)
  • Money (02, 03, 04)
  • Mixed Operations (F3, F4, F6)
  • Fractions (J1, J2)


  • capitalizing the first word of a sentence
  • ending a sentence with punctuation
  • deciding if a sentence is telling, asking, or exciting and choosing the appropriate punctuation mark
  • writing in complete sentences
  • connecting two ideas in a sentence with 'and'
  • capitalizing names of people, pets, months, days of the week, holidays
  • writing the date


Writing Workshop will continue soon with a fiction genre unit!

Writing about reading continues...

  • writing about events that happened in a reading group book

Journal writing continues...

  • generating ideas
  • writing a sentence to tell about something true from your life
  • adding one or two more sentences to tell more details
  • drawing a picture to match the words
  • sharing with the class in a loud clear voice

Phonics and Snap Words

Phonics Concepts
  • closed syllable concept with short vowels
  • closed syllable vs open syllable
  • r-controlled sounds: -ar, -er, -ir, -or, -ur
  • vowel teams: ai, ay, ee, ea, ey, oi oy, igh
  • segmenting and blending up to five sounds

Snap Words

  • say
  • says
  • see
  • between
  • each
  • any
  • many

Guided Reading Groups

Recent Reads by Group:

Orange Iguanas:

  • The Gecko That Came to School
  • Grandma's Glases
  • Fun for Hugs
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Your Bones
  • Your Muscles

Green Monkeys:

  • The Skunk with No Stripes
  • The Tree House
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • Out for Lunch
  • Your Bones
  • Your Muscles

Blue Barracudas

  • The Tide Pool
  • Down the River
  • Down the Path
  • All About Penguins
  • Your Bones

Red Jaguars

  • Dinosaurs Before Dark
  • Flat Stanley
  • Horrible Harry in Room 2B
  • Cam Jansen and the Stolen Diamonds
  • Your Bones
  • Your Muscles


Human Body is just beginning!

March Author of the Month

Theodore Geisel

Classroom Needs

Right now we need...

Disinfecting wipes (the 'green' kind please!)