Where is Middle Earth? By: Sam Lally

Alaska Introduction

Alaska is a very Mountainous region with lots of lakes and rivers. Even though Alaska may be very snowy and cold in the winter and fall, it has perfect weather in the spring and summer with very green grass and amazing plants and breath taking views. Alaska is a state in the U.S so the language spoken there is English. The people in Alaska make wooden sculptures that they carved themselves, jackets made from animal fur, and cultural food. This is all apart of Alaska's rich culture.


Alaska is very similar to Middle Earth. For one thing there is grass and mountains everywhere, just like Middle Earth. Just like when Bilbo was stuck in the mountain. Also there are lots of lakes and rivers and very bright green grass just like Middle Earth, especially near Bilbo's house. Another thing is there are not a lot of big cities, but just a few here and there and the same goes for Middle Earth when the dwarves and Bilbo first started their journey there were a few towns.

Pictures of Alaska

Counter Claim

If there are any reasons not or any doubt at all about Alaska being Middle Earth, I haven't found it. Alaska is the best place for Middle Earth. Alaska is better than New Zeland and let me tell you why. The biggest reason is that in New Zeland there is only snow in the mountains, in Alaska there is snow all over the place during winter. There is snow in Middle Earth and Alaska would do the perfect job at representing that. Last, Alaska is alot bigger than New Zeland and a lot of other countries. Alaska would do a great job of representing the size of Middle Earth.


Alaska best represents Middle Earth for a countless amount of reasons. It has lots of space and is very large just like how Middle Earth is a large world. Also Alaska has very green and bright grass and many lakes and rivers. Middle Earth has that too right next to Bilbo's house and other places along the dwarves' journey. Also, Alaska has many climates and appearances of its landscape similar to Middle Earth. Last, but not least, Alaska and Middle Earth have VERY mountainous regions with lots of caves and cliffs. That is why Alaska would make the best Middle Earth.

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