Andrew Allen

Biography of Donatello

  • Born in Florence, Italy in 1386
  • Spent most of his life in Florence
  • Trained as a goldsmith in the workshop of Lorenzo Ghiberti
  • Educated in the House of the Martelli Family
  • Donatello was a sculptor and a goldsmith for a living
  • Sculpted in Florence as well as other countries
  • His sculptures included David, Judith and Holofernes, and Erasmo da Narni
  • Main patron was Cosimo de Medici- Very, Very Close to Cosimo
  • Donatello was closely linked to Humanism- All of his sculptures focused on the human being and their glory/feats.

St. George

  • Created in 1420
  • Viewed in Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence
  • Marked new developments in conveying the optical experience of distance
  • A famous sculpture where Donatello focuses on a soldier. He is wearing armor and slays a terrifying dragon. St. George is sculpted from marble.
  • This piece is closely linked to Humanism- man can accomplish many great things
  • I find this pice so interesting because there are beliefs in Dragons during the Renaissance


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