Cyber bully

Cyber bullying

I've seen my friend get cyber bullied.

I had help him out

He told a teacher and he never talked to him again

i have learned about it before

Ways to stop cyber bullying...

  1. Not to do it
  2. Tell adults if you see it
  3. Tell others to stop
  4. Tell the cops
  5. Tell a teacher

My experience

Last year, i got bullied online

it hurt my feelings and made me feel bad.

I told my parents and they tried to help me stop it.

They called the kid's parents.

5 facts about cyber bullying

  1. 43% of people get bullied online
  2. 70% people turn them in
  3. 1 out 10 people will tell a adult
  4. Girls are going to be cyber bullied more than boys
  5. 75% admit they've done it