OES Reopening Our School Updates

August 5, 2020

August Update

Dear Families,

I hope you are are doing well and staying safe and healthy. Thank you to everyone who reached out with your questions and concerns. I know that trying to make a decision last week in a very fluid situation was difficult during these truly trying times. Since our latest Instructional Model Selection Survey, we still have the majority of our students attending school via the Face to Face Instructional Model.

This year, due to COVID19, we have switched our Specials rotation to include Health. This will take the place of Media. Students will still have access to books, but will not be going to the library. Our focus in Health will be on the Florida State Standards for health that include healthy behaviors, social and emotional learning to help our students learn coping skills to build their resiliency. Some days students will be doing fun activities outside, other days they will be working on team building type skills. They will also learn about healthy habits.

July 31st was the final day for parents to make an Instructional Model selection for the first quarter. This week, we will be working on class and school supply lists. Thank you for your patience.

Below is some information regarding the opening of school.

MaryBeth Grecsek


When does school start?

School is scheduled to open on August 31st. The amended calendar is posted on our website. The Professional Duty Days that we usually have at the end of each quarter have been changed to Early Dismissal Days.

Will OES continue with the plan for temperature checks?

Yes, we are still planning on doing temperature checks as listed in our Instructional Continuity Plan.

What is the mask policy?

Students and staff will be required to wear masks at all times, when they are unable to social distance. If a student does not have a mask, they will be given one. Students will not wear masks outside when they are social distancing or when they are eating lunch. This is a change from the original plan in the Instructional Continuity Plan. The changes are included in the July 24th letter from the Superintendent.

Do the masks have to be a solid color?

At the elementary level, face coverings may be any color and may also have designs on them such as characters, superheroes, sports teams, etc. Face coverings with slogans or advertising, which, by its controversial or obscene nature, disrupts the educational setting, is prohibited. Additionally, face coverings which are determined to be a distraction to the educational process, will not be allowed.

What if my child won't wear a mask?

As with most things, if your child is reluctant to wear a mask, it is a good idea to have them practice for a short time at first, then increasing the time by a little bit each day. Also, you might want to try to attach it to a preferred task, such as wearing it when using an electronic device. Also, it may be helpful to send in two different kinds of masks for the student to change midway through the day.

Has the School Supply list changed?

We are reducing the amount of items for students attending via the Face to Face Instructional Model. We will also be asking students to bring their own hand sanitizer, water bottle and 1-2 masks. Students attending virtually, via Oasis Home Connect will also have a modified list suited for remote learning. This list will be available soon.

When will we know who our child's teacher will be?

We will be working on the changes due to the most recent survey this week. You should receive letters, which will include instructional model, teacher name and the Open House time, by the end of next week (August 15th).

Staff Changes and Additions

Due to the unique circumstances of this year, in addition to some new staff, we have also had a lot of internal movement among our staff. We are very excited to welcome our new additions to the Oasis family.

Below is a list of our new staff, as well as current staff who have changed positions.

Carrie Abes-Assistant Principal

Janet Altini-STEM

Solara Bendezu-Health Teacher

Anne Marie Davis-Third Grade Resource

Gena Feury -Fifth Grade

Rhonda Gamboa-Second Grade

Yesenia Melo-Second Grade

Jordan Moore-Third Grade

Jenna Moran-First Grade

Kacia Murphy-Second Grade Resource

Heather Santana-Fourth Grade

Meghan Swazuk-Third Grade

Kaylise Taylor-Kindergarten

Andrea Velasco-First Grade Resource

Open House Postponed

With the delay of school, we have postponed Open House until the teachers return to campus. As with other matters, Open House will look different this year. Kindergarten and first grade students who are attending Face to Face, will meet with their teacher in small groups. Students in grades 2-5 who are attending Face to Face will have the opportunity to attend a Drive Up Open House. This will provide an opportunity to meet the teacher and complete and update paperwork. Students in K-5 who are attending Oasis Home Connect, (virtual) will have a scheduled Virtual Open House.

The dates of Open House will be announced soon, but they will start the week of August 18th.

Oasis Home Connect Chromebook/Packet Pick Ups

We will also be scheduling time for students who will be instructed via Oasis Home Connect (virtual) to pick up packets and any other school material needed for Quarter 1. If a student is in need of a Chromebook, they will also be able to check one out at this time. Specific pick up time will be announced later, but it will be the week of August 24th.

Our School is Using ParentSquare!

We are excited to let you know that this year we’ll be using ParentSquare to communicate with you at the school, and in your classrooms and groups. ParentSquare provides a simple and safe way for everyone at school to connect.

With ParentSquare you’ll be able to:

· Receive all school and classroom communication via email, text or app

· View and download photos

· View the school and classroom calendar and RSVP for events

· Easily sign up to volunteer and/or bring items

Activate your Account:

Invitations to join ParentSquare will be sent to the email address listed under the primary contact in Focus. Please click the link to activate your account (check your junk mail, some invites have may end up there). It takes less than a minute to get started!

You can use ParentSquare on any device. You can download the free mobile app for Android or iOS and you can also use it from a computer at: www.parentsquare.com. Your login is the email address listed under the first contact in Focus, or your primary contact phone number.

Any questions about updating information, or logging in, please contact your school.

Please note, at OES, the grade level listed for your child may be the prior grade level. This will be corrected.