Senior Exhibition Night

January 11, 2018

What was Senior Exhibition Night?

On Thursday, January 11th from 6:30pm - 8:00pm, the senior English classes held a senior exhibition. The three teachers that helped put this program together were Miss Hernjack, Dr. Smith, and Mr. Hankes. The senior students presented projects that they’ve worked on all semester. Students of Dr.Smith's OPUS Technical Writing class displayed hands-on projects such as automotive care, electrical work, and animal care. Students of Miss Hernjack and Mr.Hankes presented their 20% Time Projects. In August, students chose a topic for their 20% Time Projects that they felt passionate about and then spent the rest of the first semester working on a project that reflected their interest. Some of the projects that were presented are Sign Language, an Activist Club at the High School, and Woodworking. The projects were all displayed in the High School Commons.

Students from Mr. Hankes' AP Literature and English 4 Classes presented as follows:

Film and Sociology: Blake Barrick

PSA for Volunteering: Johanna Burrell & Alexa Walter

Coloring with Sharpies: Ashlan Houser, Lizzy Fry, & Megan Emlet

People around Newville: Rebecca Fickel

Sign Lanuage: Baylee Hartman

Shelter Animals: Grace Kyle

Boy Scouts & an Eagle Scout: Garrett Frick

Volunteering at Homeless Shelter: TC Magee & Paige Snyder

Crocheting: Skylar Paxton

Nutrition & Vitamins: Peyton Ramp

Photography:Emily Reifsnyder & Kaylee Szczypta

Women's Activist Club: Demi Smith & Kersten Wolf

An Original Movie: Megan Stambaugh & Sarah Walters

Rating Ice Cream: Cassidy Barrick, Taylor Donovan, Cory Latchford, Kaylyn McGowan, & Ethan Rhoades.

30 Days of Kindness: Sophia Beitler

Food Safety: Samantha Bunty & Alexis Jumper

EMS: Keah Chumbley & Andrew Mellott

Ukulele: Ryan Kane

Soccer: Caleb McCullough & Mason Thrush

A Special Cookbook: Angel Newell

Restaurant Reviews: Rylie Salisbury & Elwood Yohe

Woodworking: Zach Seibert

Video Games and the Effect on Sleep: Dalton Stoner

Mr. Hankes said, " Things went well last night: we had an incredible diversity of projects on display, and about 50 students presenting. Everything from an original movie to a car transmission. I'm looking at last night as a continuation of a good start for 20% Time, and I look forward to seeing bigger and more complex projects in the future".

Students from Miss Hernjack's English 4 Class presented as follows:

Shooting 3's: Trevor Perry

Food Critics of America: AJ Farlling & Kaden Cornman

Getting Swol with Billy: Billy Paulus

Teaching is my Superpower: Tyler Wiley

Hershey's Children's Hospital : Elisha Shomper

Work Out Program: Lucas Shenk

Running: Dakota Clavey

XC Program: Brennan Flory

Ms Hernjack's Senior Class Memory Book: Kaylee Fulkroad

Sushi Making: LeeAnn Vaughn

How-to Guide for Video Games: Peyton Muzzy

Collecting Change: Shannon McCabe

Original Song: Eliot Hoffman & Dakota Over

Miss Hernjack stated, " I believe that the event went very well. I honestly did not know what to expect, especially since the event was held on the make-up day. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of teachers and parents that showed up to support the students. I am also very proud of my students who took the time out of their busy schedule to showcase their projects at the event last night."

Students from Dr. Smith's OPUS Class presented as follows:

AUTO Care: Gage Garman, Andy Kulp, Christian Lowery, Dylan Nickey, & Tristen Yohe

Home Care: Zeb Lehman, Devin McClellan, & Austin Negley

Animal Care: Sierra Farlling

Electrical: Anthony Cleary, Jacob Eshenour, Taylor Hudson, Cassie Henry, & Devin Swartz

Culinary Arts:Kayla Zeigler

Cosmetology: Angel Miller

Theater: Thomas Houseman

Professional Writing: Tyler Serijack

Photo Editing: Kelsey Kerrick

FFA for Incoming Freshman: Morgan Bear, Allyson Shively, & Becky Webster

Dr Smith commented, "For our first time, I thought it was a success." Those in attendance made a number of comments about how eloquent and knowledgeable the students were, and how comfortable they were when given a chance to shine in their own areas of expertise. A number of people were impressed with Tristen Yohe's demonstration related to working on transmissions.