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Welcome August


Lazy summer afternoon,

Walks along the beach,

Balmy evenings, cloudless skies,

Stars just out of reach,

Sailing on a quiet lake,

Hammocks in the shade,

These are the simple treasures

Of which August days are made.

- Author Unknown

Going back to school after a long summer break or even a short vacation can be a time of excitement, anxiety and even a bit of sadness for students of all ages. The new school year is full of many unknowns and that can feel a little scary at first. Also, saying goodbye to a vacation of relaxation and fun isn’t exactly something most kids, even many college kids, look forward to. You can support your favorite student by sending them a positive note to let them know you care. No matter whether you send it in a card or online, a message can let students feel supported and take away some of the fear or melancholy about making the transition from vacation to a new school semester.

Trees with leaves can symbolize the circle of life and death rather well because of how the tree loses its leaves in the winter and grows them back in the spring. Trees with needles represent eternal life or, at least, persistence.

To be caught in a thunderstorm means that one has to shift progress in life. A thunderstorm in a dream also warns one about furious and aggressive emotions. Feeling conflict and being inflexible may suggest that these feelings are mainly due to an event in waking life.


Summer is that amazing time of tantalizing aromas from the grill, softball games in the backyard, lazy days at the beach and, most important, extended time with family and friends. At least that’s how it should be, but many of us get so busy that we neglect those memory-making moments. It’s not intentional, but it sometimes gets shoved to the side. Often, we as parents forget something of vital importance—We’ve been given just 18 summers with our children before they leave home for college or a job. That's 18 short summers that will zoom by whether we’re ready or not. So don’t waste this precious time. Don’t look back with sadness, not memories, because those days can’t be done over. “Sometimes the days will feel really long . . . but just remember, the years are really short.” And that’s why family vacations and reunions are so valuable. They’re a time to bond with your immediate family—cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents—and even with extended family you’ve never met before. They’re an opportunity to discover physical similarities and mannerisms and traits that you all have in common. Family get-togethers are a time to share stories and photos from the past, to talk about those who are no longer here, to give your children and grandchildren a sense of their history. They’re also a great opportunity to talk about your spiritual heritage as a family, to let your children see how faith and family have been important from one generation to another. And family reunions are the perfect time to pull out favorite old recipes, to share laughter and make memories over a plate of Aunt Margaret’s potato salad, Uncle Raymond’s famous homemade ice cream. Planning a family vacation during the summer or attending a family reunion takes work, time, and dollars, but the benefits of building a close bond with your family is priceless. Store all those precious memories in your heart, because someday when your children are grown and gone from your home, you’ll look back and be so glad that you took the time to make them.

The month of August is often a calm and quiet time of year, and the light list of celebrations reflects that stillness. It is the last bit of time for a vacation away before starting the process of getting ready for the school year to start. It is a time to soak up the last few moments of summer sunshine and reflect. As we enter the month of August it seems the past seven months have passed quickly. I remind my son to live each day with the understanding that you don’t get that day back. July’s weather was a reminder that change seems here to stay. With the extreme heat, drought and fires in the western states and smoke that made it to the eastern states reminds me that we need to take care of this fragile world.

The month of July is a celebration of family for us. During this month 14 years ago, our son was placed in our arms. Our story would be an incomplete one without our son. His arrival came to complete our lives and ever since we have not remained the same, in a positive and beautiful way. We are blessed to have him in our lives. Thoughtful, selfless, and caring. We are so proud of his accomplishments. Through everyday challenges, he is always positive and ends the day with an I love you. He is such an amazing son, and we are blessed to be his parents. Continue to be the beautiful soul that you are. We love you Jaiden.

Be well sweet friends. Have a wonderful August.

With Love,


A very special Happy Birthday on August 1st to my Mom Leslie.

Love you Mom!

Did You Know

Did you know that there is no other month in the year that starts on the same day as August except for a leap year in which August begins on the same day of the week as February?

-There are two-star signs during the month of August, Leo, and Virgo. Leos are the naturals of the zodiac. Unusually talented, you possess inherent abilities for which even you can’t account. Often dazzlingly charming, you light up a room with your presence, and all in attendance know where you are. Virgos are the organized thinkers of the zodiac. With a critical eye, you dissect and analyze all sorts of data. You seek perfection and are able to see instantly the flaw in any given situation.

-August’s primary birthstone is peridot, which is said to symbolize strength and healing power, protecting its wearer from nightmares and evil, ensuring harmony and happiness.

-August’s birth flowers are the gladiolus and the poppy. The gladiolus symbolizes strength of character, sincerity, and generosity. The poppy symbolizes eternal sleep, oblivion, and imagination

-August’s full moon, the full Sturgeon Moon, reaches peak illumination in the morning hours of Sunday, August 22 at 8:02AM.

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Perseid Meteor

-August is a wonderful month for star gazing! It’s the month of the Perseid meteor shower which peaks between August 11 and 13. This year, the Perseids reach their peak just a few days after the new Moon (August 8), which means that the Moon’s usual brightness won’t wash out too many of the “falling stars!

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Tarot of the Month


The month of August has energy that is full of action. Take advantage of this. Clear out old energy. Now is a good time to get the house in order so you can have space for the future. The rest of the year will go quickly.

The three cards pulled are for the 30 days. The first card being the first ten days, the second card being the next ten days, and the last card being the remaining ten days. (Cards are Rider-Waite Tarot Deck)

1st Card: Ten of Pentacles:

A man and woman beneath an archway which gives entrance to a house and domain. Divinatory Meanings: Gain, riches, family matters, archives, extraction, the abode of a family. Chance, fatality, loss, robbery, games of hazard; sometimes gift, dowry, pension.

2nd Card: The Moon:

Hidden enemies, danger, calumny, darkness, terror, deception, error. Instability, inconstancy, silence, lesser degrees of deception and error.

3rd Card: Six of Cups:

Children in an old garden, their cups filled with flowers. Divinatory Meanings: A card of memories and of the past. For example, reflecting on childhood, happiness, enjoyment, but coming rather from the past, things that have vanished. Another reading reverses this, suggesting new relations, new environment and new knowledge. Renewal, the future, that which will come to pass presently.

Questions and Counsel

Dear Katelyn,

I’m feeling exhausted all the time and am waking up more tired than when I was when I went to sleep. What is going on?


This is a sentiment so many energy sensitive people deal with. Your Spiritual body is letting you know that you are holding on to too much emotion that isn’t yours. It is natural to absorb the energy of people around us, but it is so important to know how to release it.

Here are some ways to rid energy that isn’t yours:

Rinsing your hands under cold water

Physically shaking the energy off

Using clearing agents (Florida water, Sage, Palo Santo, etc.)

Reground and reconnect through breathing


Epsom salt baths

Another great way, and my preferred method is journaling. When you are clear on what are your emotions, emotions that are not yours leave easily. Look at it like this, other people’s emotions stick to ours. If we are actively moving through and being aware of our emotions, then other people’s emotions won’t have anything to stick to.

Hope that helps!



Spiritual Practices

Personal Reflection for Change of Seasons

With August being the last full month of summer the change of season is right around the corner. There are several ways to practice personal reflection. Here, they are re-imagined for a seasonal reflection. This process can be used to practice personal inquiry at any time, though it is designed to be particularly effective at the change of the season.

1. Identify the Important Questions: Consider several critical areas of your life in which to inquire and investigate. Think about what brought you joy this summer, what challenged you, what may help stimulate growth, and what/whom it may be time to release. Here are some questions to ponder during your end of summer reflection.

  • What is your favorite thing about summertime?
  • How are you feeling as summer draws to a close?
  • What was the best thing that you experienced this summer?
  • What challenged you this summer?
  • Did you come across any new strengths or weaknesses?
  • If you could go back and do this summer over, what would you change?
  • What did you learn about yourself this summer?
  • How was this summer different from past summers?
  • What lessons or takeaways would you like to carry with you into the fall?
  • Are there any health-, body-, or food-related changes you would like to make for the next season?
  • Are there any career, relationships, or home-life changes you would like to make for the next season?

2. Choose a Method: There are many, many ways to practice self-inquiry. Luckily, there is no wrong choice and whatever method you choose will serve you on your journey of self-discovery. Consider the following healthy options as you look back on your summer.

  • Journal: Take some time to answer the “identifying important questions” inquiry questions in a reflective journal. You could write notes on paper, on your computer, or even into your phone. Many of these prompts invite personal insights and promote healing. Journaling can help manage anxiety, reduce stress, cope with depression, and improve mood.
  • Meditate: Settle in for a period of quiet reflection with meditation. You might simply follow your breath for 20 minutes and see what comes up for you. Meditation has been known to help reduce high blood pressure; relieve anxiety, depression, and insomnia; and relieve pain.
  • Gather: Get together with a group of friends to celebrate the close of summer. Whether you get together over a meal or to participate in an engaging activity together, consider taking turns sharing your photos or stories from summer. Social connections are vital to happiness, are good for your health and well-being, help you live longer, are good for professional success, and boost life satisfaction.
  • Retreat: If you have a few days or a week to devote to personal growth and self-reflection, consider attending a retreat dedicated to that type of inner work.

3. Schedule Time: Set aside some dedicated time to reflect on your summer. Choose a specific time for this reflection period such as each day for a week or one ceremonial evening. Your morning practice could be the perfect time for summer self-inquiry! Or reserve an evening to turn inward and try out your chosen method of reflection. During your scheduled self-reflection time, set up your space so that it is inviting and sacred: create an altar with photos, figurines, and relics from your summer adventures; light incense and a candle; and turn on mellow, soothing music.

So, summer is drawing to a close. Hopefully, you are savoring those last late-evening sunsets and good times with friends and family. Maybe you are soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the present moment. Or rejoicing in the last long days of heat and looking forward to the coming autumn! Understanding self-reflection’s meaning will help you complete this season and prepare for the next.

Take some time to look back on the summertime adventures, feelings, experiences, and challenges with compassion and interest. Carve out some time to reflect, sure, but make sure not to unnecessarily squander these final summer days with regrets or fear. Allow your reflection time to be a learning experience for yourself and be guided by positivity and growth mindset. Here’s to all that was and all that is yet to come.



The next time you pass by a feather on the ground, don’t ignore it. Feathers are one of the most common ways to receive messages from angels and deceased loved ones in heaven. The next time you smell something that reminds you of a deceased loved one, take a moment and reflect on the great memories you made together. They are likely thinking about the same memory, too.

The month of August is a calm and beautiful month for me.

The twenty eighth of this month would have been my mother’s 86th birthday. It has been three years since Mom's passing. She was my biggest supporter who loved me unconditionally and yes worried about my every move. She never stopped taking care of me and did it with all her efforts and love her entire life. Mom, I cannot thank you enough for all the memories I have. From sitting down at the dinner table as a small child and you cutting my steak for me, to later in life reminding me how much you enjoyed raising your children. I still remember all the times when you asked me to go to the bank with you, or to the grocery store, or somewhere completely unimportant, but it all seemed important to me. Thank you for the memories of tucking me in at night or reading me a book until I fell asleep. I was a sensitive kid, maybe more sensitive than normal. Don't get me wrong there were times you told me to suck it up and I needed that, but the times when you just hugged me and told me it was all going to be OK, I needed that, too. When I was sad, mad, happy, confused, or empty, somehow you always knew what to say and what to do. I don't know how you did it. I am who I am today because of you. How lucky I am to have had someone like you to instill your values and morals. You taught me to be forgiving, most of the time. You taught me to be kind, no matter what others think of me. You taught me to be confident, because that is intimidating to those who think less of me. You taught me to stick up for myself, even when I felt weak. You taught me that I am strong, although I did not always think I was. Thank you for not only giving me these qualities but helping parts of you become parts of me. You accepted my life and family. You loved your Grandson as he did you. The best part of you being my mom, is that you're so much more than that. You had a keen sense of humor, a strong woman with a strong personality. You were somehow a jack of all trades and still remembered the names of all my stuffed animals. You were a five-star chef and the family hero. Most importantly, you were more than just a mom. You were the best mom a son could have asked for. I love you Mom!

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