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October 21-25

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Friday 10/25

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Kelly Kintzler and Malik Williams

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Anclote AVID Strategy of the Month

Visual Vocabulary

This can work for all content areas you just have to try :-)

Background: Visual Vocabulary helps the students to better understanding vocabulary by explaining the meaning of the term in their own words and creating visual images that represent the word. Adding an illustration or drawing helps students to clarify their explanation and understanding of the vocabulary work. This can be done individually or collaboratively to support reading for understanding.


1. In the context of teaching a chapter on unit, students are assigned a few (4-8) significant vocabulary words

2. Students examine the definition of one of the words from their textbook, glossary, or dictionary. With a group or partner students discuss the word and rewrite the definition in their own words

3. With a group or partner, students discuss examples of the word

4. Students will discuss what visual or symbol best represents the word. Each student creates a visual to represent the definition or example of the word. Students may write a sentence using the word


  • Word- Federalism
  • Definition from glossary- A way of organizing a nation so that two or more levels of the government share formal authority over the same area and people
  • Group definition- Philosophy that describes government system created by framers
  • Group example- Mom/Dad have power over different things while some powers overlap
  • Visual- Scale with California on one side and Congress on the other

Additional Tips & Tricks:

You can have a unit vocab list on chart paper at the front of class and each group gets a different word to add to the list. This can be done at the beginning of the class as a longer do now. One word per table group, once they have the word, definition, and drawing they go up and glue or write it on the chart paper. You can also do this individually for the student on a sheet for their notebooks. Have three columns, the word, definition in their own words, and picture representation.

-Contributed by Courtney Hagar

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