Optic Neuritis

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The exact cause of optic neuritis is unknown. However, optic neuritis is believed to develop when the immune system mistakenly targets the substance (myelin) covering your optic nerve, resulting in inflammation and damage to the myelin.

Sings & Symptoms

Optic neuritis usually affects one eye, although it may occur in both eyes simultaneously. Optic neuritis symptoms may include: Pain, Vision loss, loss of color vision, and Flashing lights.

Diagnostic Tests & Treatmeant

Test may include: A routine eye exam,Ophthalmoscopy, Pupillary light reaction test, blood test, and MRI scan.

Optic neuritis usually gets better on its own. In some cases, steroid medications are used to treat optic neuritis, because they help reduce inflammation in the optic nerve.If you receive steroids, your treatment may involve: Intravenous steroids, and Oral steroids.


The prognosis following optic neuritis is generally good. Most people regain close to normal vision within 12 months after an episode of optic neuritis.


In patients with an infectious cause of optic neuritis, eradication of the underlying infection will usually prevent further episodes.