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February 15, 2019

No School February 18-22.

We will see you 2/25.

February is Black History Month

This month every student at CRC will spend time learning about the many influential African Americans who have contributed to American History. Visit the resources below if you'd like to learn more about Black History Month at home:

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Getting to Know and Love Your Brain- Courtesy of Mind Up and Scholastic

Over the next several weeks you may hear your student use words like prefrontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, and mindfulness. That is because the Mind Up curriculum will be used in every classroom starting after our mid-winter break.

Below are some amazing facts about the brain and an article that will help you understand why using breathing techniques and the Mind Up curriculum can help our students self regulate, reduce stress, and focus on their school work.

Brain Vocabulary:

Prefrontal Cortex (PFC for short)- The part of the brain that uses important information to focus, decide, compute, analyze, and reason. The PFC only gets information when the amygdala is calm. Then it passes on to the hippocampus any information worth remembering.

Amygdala: Feeling frightened? Upset? Your amygdala is on high alert! It regulates and blocks information from going to the PFC, so you can react in a flash. When you feel safe and happy, the amygdala will pass information on to the PFC so you can think.

Hippocampus: The hippocampus creates, stores, and processes all important facts and memories that PFC passes on to it-such as birthdays, your address, or a memorable smell.

Fun Facts About the Brain:

Your brain is more like plastic than cement. It will change with each experience you have and it will GROW! That is called neuroplasticity.

Make two fists and put them together. That's about the size of your brain!

Your brain never stops thinking, even when you sleep. In fact, you need 8-10 hours of sleep so your brain can process all the information it has collected from the day.

Anytime you're feeling stressed, breathing can help. Deep, full breathing calms your amygdala and helps you think and remember clearly.

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Feather River Little League Registration is Coming to CRC

FRLL is hosting the following registration events in room 5 at CRC.

February 26 from 3-6 PM

March 6 from 3-6 PM

You may also pick up registration packets from the CRC office. The last day to register is March 11, 2019.

FRLL is seeking friendly and knowledgable coaches for the 2019 baseball season. Please contact Kristen Marquette at if you'd like to coach or assist with coaching.

February Staff Appreciation

Happy Valentine's Day!

Pop With a Cop- Thank you Deputy Ross for spending time with some of our first graders this month!

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