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Painted Pumpkin Project

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Health & Happiness EVENT Artists in Action!

Important Reminders

  • Show up ON TIME for your duty, especially for Specials, Lunch, and Playbreak.

  • Remember Student and Staff Confidentiality both in school and outside of school.

Elementary Events this Week



Wednesday-EMS Presentation 1:45, 2:45, Wear Blue

Thursday--PreK/K Maze Trip

Friday--Pep Rally, 2:15pm @ New Gym

Hands on Math Links!

Check out this Blog Post...

I love academic rigor… I really do! So when it comes to math, there is nothing like hands on math learning!

The other day I was listening to Adam Pederson’s vlog at . I just met Adam for the first time in Chicago this year and I loved how down to earth he is. No showboating… just a teacher who loves teaching!I always enjoy his vlog’s but this particular one stood out for me. I loved what he had to say. During this particular vlog he said “Math is not a worksheet.” Then he said, “I think that is a hashtag.” {I am paraphrasing.}

Anyhow, I looked it up and traced it back to none other than Vickie Plant. Vickie blogs over on Primary Press. She is precious, she is smart, AND she has the cutest little girl that I may stalk a bit on Instagram.


I thought … wouldn’t it be great to gather teachers together to show how they do hands-on math? To keep here.

How to Hold Kids Accountable during Student Lead Reading Groups

Check out this Blog Post...

Have you ever tried student-led reading groups in your classroom? Have you ever felt like your students were not putting forth their best effort? Using student-led reading groups can be motivating for your students but extremely hard for you to monitor all of the groups at the same time. By holding your students accountable with these quick group check sheets, you can finally make student-led groups work in your classroom. Keep reading to find out the details and grab your freebie!...To read more Click Here

EAFK Character Trait: Trustworthiness

For the month of October, our character trait is Trustworthiness.

Nicole Ramirez, M.Ed. Principal

Welcome to the weekly campus memo for Flatonia Elementary. This bulletin is an outlet that allows me to not only share what is happening on campus, but to also share articles, resources, ideas, and information. I believe this helps me to continually develop and learn professionally. I hope that the Inspirations Memo can provide you with meaningful nuggets of learning. I invite you to join me in learning everyday at Flatonia Elementary!