The History of Pizza

Everyone's Favorite Food

Pizza Before America

It is hard to trace back the origin of America's most beloved dish. If you think that pizza is simply a flat-bread cooked in the oven, then its' history can be traced back to the ancient Greece and Roman era. However, when most people hear the word 'pizza,' they tend to think about the traditional round, thin crust topped with tomato sauce and cheese. If this is what you believe to be pizza, then you can trace its' history to 1800's Italy, when the tomato was first considered poisonous and eaten by the peasants. Soon, they started creating "pizza."

Pizza in America

During the early 1900's people from around the world (mostly Europe) began to migrate U.S. Along with the mass migration came the Italians. They took boats to America that arrived at Ellis island, Located on the coast of New York City. As the immigrants brought their culture, they also brought their food. Italians brought their pastas and pizza. As pizza became more popular throughout New York, people from all over the country wanted to try America's new favorite food. As time went by, traditional toppings of tomato sauce and cheese were replaced with chicken and Alfredo sauce. People were adding barbecue sauce and many more, different and odd toppings. This was the time that pizza became Americanized. Pizza is now being delivered to our front door. People can now by their own frozen pizza that they can take home and cook themselves.