office of president

what the president does

the president

  • The white house release the president speeches
  • the president can veto a bill if he doesn't agree on it
  • the president can approve a bill if he agree with it and make it a law
  • the president is the head of the executive branch
  • because the president have so much responsibility along with the vice president is the only official elected by the entire country
  • the president could serve for as many terms as he wanted
  • despite all of his power the president can't write bills
  • the president can exercise in his own rights
  • a president is the head government in countries with presidential system of rule
  • the president was first used for the chief magistrate
  • the president's most important power is the direct U.S relations with other countries
  • the president has the power to create formal agreements called treaties
  • the president sends troops into battle
  • the president can also remove people from some of these positions
  • the president also can appoints all supreme court justices,federal judges,and ambassadors
  • the president retains most of the political authority
  • the president checks the work of congress by talking to U.S citizens
  • the office of president also used in government in South America
  • the president signs a bill to make it allow
  • the president considers the backgrounds and opinions of judges before appointing them to Supreme Court