Chile by Dominic Pineda Group Bravo

Facts about the country behind the mountains


My Dad grew up in Santiago the capital of Chile and he gave me the confidence to write about his home
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The People of the Past

The first people ever in Chile were the Araucanians. The Araucanians defended their land very well against Spaniards and the Inca, until the late 19th century. Before the battles began the Spaniards were the first to meet the Araucanians, and at that time the Araucanians were only defending from the Inca. The Spaniards soon betrayed the Araucanians trust and joined in the war.

Trade Resources

Just like every country in the world Chile has trade and an extremely common resource. Chile's common resource is copper. Chile is the largest producer of copper making copper its strongest resource in economy.

The People

Mestizos make up most of Chile's population. People also came from Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Russia, and Syria. These people brought their country's culture and attract more people to this beautiful land.

The Mountains

The Andes mountains are the longest mountains in South America and separate Chile from the rest of South America. When we mentioned the Araucanian indians we said they had a war with the Spanish and the Inca and they did use the Andes as their battle grounds.