My code of ethics

Made 12/12/2014

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1) Follow rules.

2) Treat people fairly even if they treat me bad because an eye for an eye, leaves everyone blind.

3) When making important decisions I don't listen to other people.

4) Follow rules when people are watching and aren't watching.

5) Apply rules to everything

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1) Don't lie ever.

2) Don't ever steal do to the fact I hate a thief.

3) Respect other peoples private property.

4) Always at least try to do my work.

5) Keep notes on what happens every day due to my slight OCD issues.

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1) Can keep a secret.

2) Don't like gossip.

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1) Trust worthy.

2) Always follow through on something unless something else needs my immediate attention.

3) Do what I am assigned to do.

4) Always do my chores at home.

5) Always do my homework.

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