Tyler's Web 2.0 Sites

The sites I used in Web 2.0


In this website, you create characters to make different noises. There were 4 or 5 different categories, such as chorus, voices, background, and two others. My favorite part of the site was how fun, and easy it was. I would recommend this site to anyone who enjoys music! Here is a link to the site http://www.incredibox.com/


In this site you would upload all your pictures (up to 15) into the site. Next it would bring you to another page, where you could change how fast the slides would move, and which order you can put the slides in. It seems pretty easy, but it isn't, it involves a lot of work. My favorite part of the site, was just everything! It was easy to use, and very fun too, here is a link to the site! http://www.gickr.com/


Another website I used was Vuvox. This website took forever! I loved it though. In this website you could create a collage, or other options, obviously, I chose to do a collage. You would first upload the pictures, and then spread them all out how you wanted it. I spent a while spreading all the pictures out, so I can add information between them. This is a really cool website, but I wouldn't recommend it to an impatient person. Here is a link to the website http://www.vuvox.com/

Favorite Website

Out of all three websites I have done, my favorite one was Gickr. This is because it was a long, challenging website to use, but I figured it out after a while, and had a blast using it! I would love to make another one at home if I had the time! Incredibox and Vuvox were awesome also, but Gickr was much more fun to use. http://www.gickr.com/

Here is a YouTube video that shows how to make a Vuvox Collage

How to make a Vuvox collage


After using this website, this is now my favorite website we have used. You are able to be really creative in this website and add whatever you want. This website reminds me of our Website Creating unit, because it is very similar to Weebly, because you can add different elements just like Weebly. On both the websites you can choose video, gallery, picture, just like Weebly. I think that this website is useful for advertising your company, or another website.