Ancient Greece

By: Clark Schoch


My research was about Ancient Greece. I researched three different topics. My first topic is the Beginning of Ancient Greece, which helped me learn how Greece began. My second topic is Various Types of Government, which tells about the stages that led up to democracy. My last topic is about Daily Life in the Age of the Pericles, which explains the way of life of the people of Greece.

The Beginning of Ancient Greece

  • Ancient Greece began between 1900 and 1600 B.C.
  • The first Greeks called themselves simple nomadic herdsmen.

Various Types of Government

  • There were 4 stages of government that led to democracy.
  • The first stage was Monarchy, where kings ruled. The kings got overthrown.

  • The second stage was Oligarchy, which means ruled by few.The few were the king's successors.
  • Oligarchy fell due to rivalry and protesters.

  • The third stage was Tyranny, which meant rule of the people.The tyrants taught the people their rights and power.

  • The fourth stage was democracy where the Athenian kings had made way for officials called "archons," elected by the nobles and an aristocratic form of government was established.

Daily Life in the Age of Pericles

  • People lived simple lives where they ate 2 meals a day that consisted of bread, vegetable broth, fruit, and wine.
  • They ate cheese in place of meat and fish was considered a delicacy.
  • Men spent their time talking politics and women spent their doing house chores and spinning wool.


This project on Ancient Greece taught me many things.One thing was how Greece began. Another was how Greece's government began and led to democracy. Last, I learned how life was back then. I learned lots of new things about Ancient Greece.