So you think you can dance?

Well, prove it! May 4th. Mitten Hall. Temple University.

Introducing the first Temple University One Last Dance: Kianna Thomas Dance Benefit

Are you a Temple Student that loves to dance? How much do you love it? Would you be willing to stake your entire career for it? Well, if you're that passionate about it GREAT but we have a better solution...

Join Temple University and the Philadelphia Advocates for Community Beautification on May 4th at Temple University to celebrate the life of a passionate dancer who prematurely left us due to tragedy. The Kianna Thomas Benefit allows you to share your love for dance with the world in a meaningful way in remembrance of passion, art, and love.

The winner will receive a scholarship to aid in the pursuit of his or her dreams. Why? Because we know that we may never have another chance to do so. You only live once. So let's give it our all now.

For more information regarding the Benefit, make sure to email Brittani Brown at indicating your interest. Please also 'LIKE' the foundation on Facebook by searching for the One Last Dance: Kianna Thomas Scholarship Benefit.

For further information about how to work with PACB, contact Amanda Hines at and visit

Temple University's One Last Dance: The Kianna Thomas Scholarship Benefit

Saturday, May 4th 2013 at 7-10pm

Mitten Hall, 1913 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122