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About Us!

Books, Books, and More Books sells a WIDE supply of books! Our books go from picture books all the way to chapter books. The books that we sell are great for kids because well, we are kids. We understand what you guys like and what are great books for you!

We hope that you like our books and like them as much as you do to reading. We also hope that you enjoy our library.

Why Choose Us?

We are better than places like Barnes & Noble and Amazon because those places sell books that are WAY over priced. Our books aren't over priced. Their books are around $25. Our books are only $10.

We try to let our buyers want to but our books because they are not over priced and not have them not buy our books because they are over priced.


The Books, Books, And More Books store has an essential supply of books. We use organic wood and paper. Our books are great for kids.

We must use printers to make our marvelous products, books. To sell our product, we will need a printer, paper, wood, a cash register, price stickers, employees, (got that covered), and a store. We also need uniforms to look professional. Tables, chairs, and laptops are our scarce resources.


Since over 10 billion people come & go from our bookstore, we have a high demand for our books. We have a high demand because have a lot of kids that want our books but we don't have a lot of books.

Have you ever thought about when you go to a bookstore, your kids can't get anything because it is an adult library? Not anymore. Our library has all of the kids books you can imagine! They can choose from picture books and small books to chapter books and big books.

What We Need To Start Our Business

To start our business, we will need $2,000. To repay that, we will need to sell 20 books for 10 days with each book costing $10. So if we do 20 x 10, that equals 200.

Then if we do 200 x 10, because each book is 10 dollars, then that will equal $2,000.

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Come On Down!

We are located by Hobby Lobby, Northwest Barry Road, KCMO, MO. We can't wait to see your smiling faces!

Hope to see you soon!

Our Awesome Products!!

Some Of Our Books Are...

When Are We Open?

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- Thursday- 4:00 P.M- 7:00 P.M

Friday- Sunday- 9:00 A.M- 11:00 A.M and 2:00 P.M- 8:00 P.M

We Are Books, Books, And More Books