Sooo Cuuuuute!!!!!!! Furry Rabbits

BY.Victoria shores

Hop,Hop,Hop Run Away Little Rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rabbits find food and build shelters out of things found in the wilderness. They jump far to escape from enemies. Rabbits hide behind trees. They hide in tall grass to. Rabbits can hop very far away to get help. Rabbits are very fast. They can hide in bushes too. They can become camo in different places depending on their color of fur. They are very smart so they are able to know what to do. Rabbits are ubiquitous because they survive hunts in the woods. (ubiquitous means somewhere or everywhere at the same time.)

Rabbit facts and rabbit's birth

Cute Cuddly Rabbits

Males are called bucks. Rabbit feet are supossed to be lucky. They can get very far with their tiny feet. Rabbits have many types. They are found mostly near you and big ones are found alot in the forest.

Where We Got Our Stuff

We got our pictures and facts from Britannica Image Quest and Animal Crossing Corner.