Internet Safety

By Paige

Safety rules

I put these tips in because they will keep you safe and you will still have fun.

Don’t post any personal information on-line – like your address, email address or mobile number.
Think carefully before posting pictures or videos of yourself. Once you've put a picture of yourself online most people can see it and may be able to download it, it’s not just yours anymore.
Keep your privacy settings as high as possible) Never give out your password
Don’t befriend people you don’t know
Don’t meet up with people you’ve met online.
Speak to your parent or carer about people suggesting you do
Remember that not everyone online is who they say they are
Think carefully about what you say before you post something online
Respect other people’s views, even if you don’t agree with someone else’s views doesn't mean you need to be rude
If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried: leave the website, turn off your computer if you want to and tell a trusted adult immediately
Ask your friend if they know someone who is saying they know someone who says they do.
change your profile picture to something different so you don't attracted other people look at your Myspace/Facebook.
Decline friends who you don't know and if they carry on then report them
dont give details away
If you are using sites like ‘Bebo’ or ‘MySpace’ you need to ask a grown up who looks after you if it’s okay.
They can help you decide if the site you want to join is a good place for you and your friends. If you already have one of these sites, ask your mum, dad or teacher or whoever looks after you to help you make it safe.
They will help you make it a safe place for only you and your friends, and make sure that you don’t tell everyone where you live, what school you go to or share too many pictures.
If you are worried or unhappy about anything you see on one of these sites, you can tell a grown up that you like and trust, and they can help you.
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Use these top tips to stay safe
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This information is good because it shows how to stay safe and have fun!
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