Bryan's town

Bryan Salto

Come to my town


Welcome my benefits are Capitalism you should come and live in my town because if you invented something new and have a business and we let you still run your business you never know you might be the next Bill Gates or the next Mark Zuckerberg

The Facts

My economic system works by industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.I am charged of my own Town people are paid by a minimum and the top dependsin the job really.They buy the stuff they need by going to a store and sell their stuff by doing their own companie
Why Capitalism Works


Pros: Cons:

1.Economic freedom helps political freedom 1.Private ownership of capital enables

2.There are no better alternatives 2.Inherited Wealth and Wealth inequality

3.Economic growth 3.Social Benefit Ignored


Everyone should want to come live here because we will protect you and feed you and have somewhere to sleep what everyone wants.