The Marine Life

By: Mackenzie Ryan


Have you ever wonder what Earth would be like without Marine Life?. The Marine Life is an ecosystem which is covered with animals and all different organisms. The Marine life is the most fragile ecosystem in the world because of all the different living things living in it. Only one piece of greenhouse gases will kill 65% of the marine life.


Body paragraph

The effects of greenhouse gases in the marina has many animals fighting for their life. While greenhouse gases hit the ocean it heats the ocean more then 15 degrees more then i should be. The right temperature for the ocean is 95 degrees Celsius but with the greenhouse gases it heats up to 110 degrees Celsius. In 2002 the greenhouse gas record were 15% but in 2015 the have grow to a scorching 55%. More then 40% of the oceans has impact the earths greenhouse gases in many ecosystem. Today many more marine ecosystems have many problems with their growing. 95% of the objects that have been flowed into the ocean are computers, televisions sets, furniture fabrics, foam mattresses and indoor dust. Many greenhouse gases have been escaping in the environments and rapidly becoming a major marine health issue.


So if we don't lower our power and change to solar power we will have fewer animals dyeing and we will have a healthy living ocean.