Look out, here come the May Lights

Nothing better than children teaching adults

Grade Two Science Dazzles Board with Bee Presentation

Under the guidance and teaching of Mrs. Sprung and Mrs. Schaefer, seven well prepared second graders provided information to the board and the audience on the topic of the dwindling bee population and how we can help give bees a fighting chance. "Bee" on the lookout for more news about how you can be involved in the battle for our friends, the bees.
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Only 20 spots left in Camp Invention

Only 20 spots left in Camp Invention

Merton School is excited to welcome an all-new Camp Invention® program, Supercharged, (July 29 – Aug. 2) where children transform their wild imaginations into epic creations. As part of Summer School the cost of the program is $40 for the week. Campers in grades K-6 will code robots and use collaboration and creative problem solving during hands-on, STEM activities. We are also looking for Counselors in Training (7th & 8th graders) to participate in our program. Register by calling Camp Invention directly at (800) 968-4332. This is a great week each summer! Hope to see you there.

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Remembering Mrs. Rogers

There is a garden on the northwest corner of our school that was designed and built in memory of a former teacher. Carole Rogers' classroom is where former student Kaylee Budzien now teaches-irony. The space, flowers and shrubs that are there were dedicated back in 2001. Please enjoy the space and respect it in honor of Mrs. Rogers. She was quite a teacher!
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Roller skating like the old days

There was a time when roller skates were clamped on to shoes, then came the skates and shoe all in one, then came roller blades. Here you see pics of the kids skating during phy ed class. Mrs. Monson and Mrs. Sieger rent the skates from a company that brings the skates right to us in the right sizes for the children. Good times and thanks to all of our VOLUNTEERS! for their awesome help.

Corral Celebration

Each time the corral is full of Mustangs earned by our awesome children, we celebrate. This time we enjoyed serving them ice cream sundaes. Our terrific food service offered 2 kinds of chocolate and the old favorite vanilla, with some toppings too. By their faces, we think it was a good time!

Mike Budisch

Here are the 3 amigos who spooned out the ice cream for the celebration of the full corral. Mrs. Krajewski, Mrs. Hazelwood, Mrs. Spragg, and Mr. Putnam-Efthimio were dazzling in their efforts and their smiles show how much they had fun. Thank you all!