The China Revlution

by: Sharla Gentry

How it Began:

The revolution began in 1966 when Mao Zedong launched the revolution in order to reassert his authority over the Chinese government. Mao beveled that china was going in the wrong direction and called china "impure". Then he revive the revolutionary spirt that led him to victory 20 decades ago.

The Red Guards

In the 1966 a group of middle school students in Beijing named them selves chairman Mao's red guards. Mao's support for them led to the name red guards being adopted by groups who were sanctioned by Mao and supporters, who rebel against the system all over china. And once the red guards had served there superpose of overturning the old order, they were exiled to the county side of china.

how it affected the popultion?

this effected the population greatly because the red guards was attacking the elders and teachers (+any one who beveled in the old ways) not to mention who ever was not killed more than likely committed suicide. In this time the population decreased.

could we have an revolution?

yes, if the government and/or presented did't like the "laws" they could easily start a revelation. we would be in trouble with are economics and population. we could maybe even start a war. but the chances are vary rare tho it could still happen...