What To Visit Along the Nile River

by:Dylan kilian

The Aswan high dam

The Aswan high dam is a hydroelectric dam, A dam that uses turbines to make hydroelectric power. This dam controls floods in the Nile, but decreases the amount of fish because the dam causes less nutrients for the fish. This dam does not have evidence that it has polluted the water.

Nile Delta

The Nile delta is the shape of a triangle, the plains there are flooding and its the Nile's final gift. The delta is formed by the division of branches of the Nile as it flows South. The delta begins north of Cairo, the creation of the Aswan high dam has limited the expansion.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa, it is the second widest lake in the whole world too. Lake Victoria belongs to Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. There are a lot of coastal towns connected by ship routes and some by railways. There was also a dam constructed on the Victoria Nile in 1954 at Owen falls.

As Sudd

The As Sudd is a very swampy land, this is where the white and blue Nile meet. The As Sudd is in the central south Sudan, was formed by the White Nile. One of the worlds biggest wetlands in the Nile basin. The sudd is drained by the head streams of the White Nile. The sudd is considered to be nearly impassible by water or by air.