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Prestwick Profile Community- Vol. 27

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Ask your learners for 6wk progress reports

Please take the opportunity to review progress reports with your child. They will come home on Tuesday, Feb. 16th. Your partnership with our staff is essential in making students successful. For areas of concern, consider if it can be bettered by attending tutorials for concepts that are difficult, turning work in by deadlines or improving quality of work. Taking action in these areas are key in the final stretch to the end of the 3rd nine weeks.

Expanding our Experiences

Denton County presented their traveling museum of the African American community called Quakertown, neighboring what we now know as Texas Women's University. This community was forced to move by the city of Denton because of the then president of the university felt that in order to grow the college, a park would benefit the growth over the existing town. Today, you will find the park, recreation center, and other city amenities were the homes of freed African American built their communities after the Civil War.

Students were exposed to careers, entrepreneurship, and technology that help build their new found life as freed men and women!

PTA Spirit Night Wed. Feb. 17th

Enjoy dinner as a family at Ritter's Frozen Custard this Wednesday night. Doing so will benefit our campus as we have partnered with them for a PTA Spirit Night.

Incoming 7th and 8th Graders - Let's choose classes for next year

2016-2017 7th and 8th Grade Important info

Week of 2/15 - 7th and 8th Grade Course Selection Begins - Hard copy of forms are coming home.

How do we do this?

You may login with student focus login to do so from home OR come to Prestwick for assistance. Please send in your forms after completed for us to keep on file. We are happy to help you!

Need help?

Thursday - 2/18 Selection Night for 6th families needing assistance @ PSA 5:30-6:30 pm

Students MUST bring charged chromebooks to this event.

Resources to help you with this include course selection pages and course catalog. What you need:

  • Course selection page for 7th and 8th Grade to help you plan out your 7 periods
  • Directions/click sheets for logging into FOCUS to make your selections

Final Checks before you can check this off your list as completed?

  1. Have you selected 4 core classes? (Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies_
  2. Have you selected electives? (2 electives in 7th due to ELAR double blocked and 2.5 in 8th due to required Career Portals)
  3. Have you verified that if you chose a semester elective you have another to match up with it?
  4. Have you chosen alternatives in case your first choice options are not available?
  5. Did you save and turn in your selection planning page?

Important date for incoming LEHS 9th graders

2/17 Visit to 8th grade classrooms and forms go home

Tuesday - 2/23 Selection Night for incoming 7th and 8th @ PSA 5:30-7:30 pm

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