Analyzing Abstract Concepts

NaTyah Smith & Nyasha-J'Toi Wilson


denotation: a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

connotation: distasteful

association: racism & bias

what does this concept mean?

It means that you judge other people based on what you heard, not know. Racism is an example of this because a group of people are based on what another group of people think they know, but don't have experience with. There is a negative connotation to this and it, in most cases, makes people upset.

what does this look like in To Kill a Mockingbird?

When Boo is judge for being an introvert & Miss Caroline is judged for being from the city

what does this concept look like in our society?

Racism & being judged for your ethnicity because of your name

Big image
This is a picture of an African American boy and Caucasian boy talking. The white boy is paralyzed while the black boy is simply black. This picture represents how they both go through prejudice experiences because of things that are out of there control. We chose this because it was interesting and even comforting to see how the black boy made a positive spin on something society makes negative.


Denotation: strength in the face of pain or grief

Connotation: hopeful

Association: bravery and gallantry

What does this concept mean?

This concept means that throughout whatever, a person is capable of overcoming their obstacles. This includes difficult decision making, family issues, trials and tribulations. Courage is the ability to conquer things you never thought you could.

What does this concept look like in To Kill a Mockingbird?

In the book Atticus has the courage to kill the dog and to stand up for an African American man when everybody is against him.

What does this concept look like in our society?

Firefighters going into burning buildings to save people and the military going to fight for our country. Both these occupations involve people risking their lives to save someone else.
Big image

This pictures exemplifies the idea of courage greatly. The small boy has the bravery to watch his father go out and possibly die for his country just to save people like him. The father has the strength to go into war zones to reserve peace in America with the knowledge of how he’s endangering his life. We chose this picture because both people in it can be seen with the character trait of courage.


Denotation: the condition of being morally or legally bound to do something.


Association: school

What does this concept mean to you?

If you want to be responsible/accountable, you have the need to do whatever one feel they must do. You don’t really have a choice, even if you don’t like it, you feel that it is morally right. As an example, parents do this all the time by making us do certain things because they are our parents.

What does this concept look like in “To Kill A Mockingbird”?

Aunt Alexandra feels obligated to make Scout into a young lady because Atticus isn’t doing well enough and she doesn’t want Scout to ruin the family reputation

What does this concept look like in our society?

You might feel morally obligated to help someone in your school hallway that getting bullied to stop it from happening

Big image

This picture exemplifies the word obligation. It shows that although santa's wife wants him to come to the family dinner, he is responsible for peparing for Christmas and its Christmas eve. Even if Sabt wants to go, he wouldnt because he knows that everyone around the worl needs their gifts we chose this picture because it shows that even the things that don't exist like santa have obligations


Denotation: lack of fairness or justice

Connotation: neglected, outraged

Association: racism, discrimination

What does this concept mean to you?

It means that cruelty will always be something that I see on a daily basis because injustice is is so common. Whether in school, extracurricular activities, or in public places, it seems regular nowadays. I know it’s not right, but it’s not surprising anymore when I discover news stories that convey this concept.

What does this concept look like in TKAM?

-unfairness between races (Tom Robinson and everyone else)

-unfairness between social classes (Cunningham Ewell)

What does this concept look in our society?

-innocent people are killed because of “crimes” they committed, the real purpose being their race

-social classes
Big image

This is a picture of a white police officer over weighing black people on the scale and the black people are all dead. It represents the police force having racism in injustice. It shows that it is basically okay for all the c\black people to be killed by the police. We chose this because it gives a deep understanding of what injustice looks like but at the same time makes it obvious.