Panther Journal

Norfolk Junior High

BY Lukas Binder


“Mob Football”, also known as soccer is one of the most popular sports. Did you know the Japanese made a version of soccer?

In the middle ages, England played an annual game of soccer. The Egyptians, Chinese, or Greeks invented soccer. In England, there has been several attempts to ban soccer. Various public schools played soccer. People in the middle ages played a form of soccer. English public schools were the first to codify the game soccer. Did you know the longest game of soccer is 52 hrs. Between 1324 and 1667, soccer was banned from England.


Lukas is a tall and skinny person who went to Norfolk High School. Some of the activities he did was football and basketball. He went to college at the University of Nebraska and one of his majors was Science. His first job was Burger King, but he did not keep his job. He quit and got a job as a scientist. Two years later, he was married and had five children. He is still living in Nebraska. For the last 10 years, Lukas has been a scientist. One of his hobbies is writing. He wants to travel around the world. He will continue his work. He will travel anywhere.

Harry and the Henderson's

When the Henderson's are going home from their camping trip they think they hit a person. But When they got a closer look they saw that it was a “Bigfoot”. They took it home thinking it was dead, but is was not and it is looking around the house. But soon they think they could get some money. But they soon they feel bad for the “Bigfoot” and they try to keep it safe. But then the try to get it back to his home.

Hush Little Baby

Hush Little Baby

The baby, Billy, started crying and the mother, Jane, came to calm him down. She was singing him a song to make him go to sleep. They live in Jacksonville, apartment 205 in the baby room.


Batman: Arkham Origins

In the game you have to find and capture the criminal called Black Mask. Black Mask has hired assassins to kill Batman. One of the eight assassins is Killer Croc, you fight him at the beginning of the game. Then after that, you have to find the Penguin. Then you run into the Electrocutioner, he is easy to beat. After you beat him, you interrogate the Penguin. Then after that, you have to go against Death Stroke.