Merry Christmas

Save the Date!

Our special day is coming soon!

Turn up the volume and get your red lipstick ready because you've got a VIP ticket to see Taylor Swift in Concert!

(OK, really it's an upper bowl seat, but we'll do other things that make it feel like a VIP weekend!)

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Concert

Friday, Sep. 4th 2015 at 7pm

301 W South Temple

Salt Lake City, UT

This coupon is good for a girls weekend full of fun, laughter, singing, eating, and of course rocking out to Taylor Swift at her concert. You will get to enjoy this special weekend with some of your closest friends, as well as the coolest person you know.....your MOM!


8:00--Wake up and sluff school
12:00--Arrive in SLC
1:00--Jump on the bed in the hotel.....just because we can!
3:30--Pick out a cool outfit for the concert
5:00--Go to dinner
6:00--Arrive at Energy Solutions Arena and get ready to ROCK OUT!!
10:00--Sneak into the pool for a late night swim
12:00--Join your friends for a midnight ice cream rendezvous

We Are Cool Moms-Planning Commitee Inc.