By: Haley Sellers


Virus - is an infectious agent that can only replicate when it is inside a living cell.

Viruses are unicellular and can be considered living or non living. Viruses have a capsid that contains all the genetic material.

What is a virus?

Cell Membranes

The capsid protects the core of a virus and helps the virus infect other cells. Some viruses have another shell called the envelope which is made up of lypids and proteins in the way a normal cell membrane is structured.

Movement of viruses

Local movement - is when a virus infects neighboring cells.

Systemic movement - is when a virus moves from an infected part of the host to a distant part of the host. Usually by hitching a ride through the veins.

Obtaining Energy

A virus cant do much until they enter a living cell. This is because they don't have their own energy. Viruses use the energy that is available inside of the infected cell. Once inside a living cell a virus can make their own proteins.


To reproduce a virus must first infect a living cell. They invade a cell and inject their genes into the cell or are swallowed up by the cell.

Harmful Viruses

Some viruses kill the cells that they infect which is harmful. Other viruses cause disturbances in certain tissues making you sick. Some harmful viruses are Ebola, bird flu, and the Lassa virus. The picture to the right is an image of the Ebola virus.

Helpful Viruses

Scientist are researching was to use viruses to attack and kill harmful bacteria and other viruses can be used as vaccines to keep you from getting sick. ( The picture to the left is an image of a newly discovered virus that can light up cancer cells making them easier to find)
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Scientist have created antiviral medications that can treat some viruses, however some viruses such as the common could should run their course and go away in their own. It is best to just take vaccines that way you never get the virus in the first place

Major Outbreaks in History

Black Death - Began in the mid 14th century. It is believed that 75 million people died. This disease is currently know and the bubonic plague

HIV/AIDS - As of 2011, 60 million people have been infected and 25 million people have died.

The plague of Justinian - began in the year 541 an estimated 25 million people died. This is believed to be the first recorded outbreak of the bubonic plague.

The Antoine plague - Began in 165 and lasted until 180. An estimated 5 million people died about 2,000 roman died a day. This disease is know known as small pox.