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TENNIS By Nathan Duncombe


Tennis is a very interesting type of game. It can be played by anybody regardless of age and sex as long as they are physically capable of playing the game. To play tennis you need excellent body-hand-feet-eye coordination. Tennis drills for kids are very important especially for kids who want to learn to play tennis.

Drills for children should be fun

Hit and recover tennis drill for kids.

The coach is positioned on the other side of the court in the service box. The coach servers to student allowing the student to hit the balli the opposite Side of court while the student positioned on the other side of court in seruice box the coach seruers to studcnt allowing to the student to hit ball.

Rules of the game:

The basic rules of tennis are:

· A singles match consists of one player against another on a rectangular court separated by a net in the middle

Each player uses a racquet to hit a ball over the net attempting to win a point against their opponent

Tennis matches are either played over a best of 3 or a best of 5 set match. A set is won when a player reaches 6 games with a lead of two games over their opponent. If both players reach 6 games each a tie-break is played.

A game is scored when a player wins four points except when both players win 3 points then the score is "deuce." After deuce the score goes to advantage for the next point, then if that same player wins the point

they win the game.


On Sunday the 25th of Februay our reporter Nathan played tennis at the Leisure centre in Epping.

He played aganist his dad (Dave) Dave won.. The score was to daave 1/0-10/.9 .

Transition sport would like to congratulate Dave an his win.