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How It Works

Hello Wedding Bloggers,

You have a great blog and we know it. You've worked hard to gain traffic. Your blog is your passion and we truly understand. Weddings are our passion too!

At WeddingFolios, we are a small group of 5 people who create custom wedding websites for couples. We have 3 designers and 2 programmers on staff (based in New York City). We started designing websites in 2001. A year ago, we began focusing exclusively on wedding clients.

~~~ What Makes Us Different? ~~~

WeddingFolios extend beyond the wedding. Our websites are modular so additional modules can be added to showcase your life after the wedding. Each module comes with a wide selection of themes to suit the new occasion.

Examples include:

  • Bridal Shower & Birth Module
  • Babies First Year Module
  • Wedding Anniversary Module
  • Holiday & Birthday Module and More!


The WeddingFolios Team

Affiliates Earn 10% for Each Sale

That's right! We create custom and semi-custom wedding websites. Our sites range in cost from $149 to $249.

Commission: (All amounts in USD)

  • 10% on $149 Entry-Level Site = $14.90
  • 10% on $199 Mid-Level Site = $19.90
  • 10% on $249 Top-Level Site = $24.90

We track our sales through ETSY and each affiliate receives their own unique tracking code. Each time a customer, referred to us by you, makes a sale - you will get paid the commission listed above. It can really add up and it's a great way to monetize your blog.

Commissions are paid monthly by Paypal or check. You would simply be required to display our badge (250x250) on your blog. Display the badge and forget about it. You will receive a monthly statement to track your sales.

GIVEAWAY ~ Spring/Summer 2014

Saturday, March 1st, 12am

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