HJHS Weekend Update

January 4, 2016

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Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday! The two weeks seemed to fly by as we were surrounded by family, friends, great food, laughter, and love. It is now time to start another new year!

Have you made resolutions for 2016? I have to admit I go back and forth with the tradition. From my cynical side, why make a resolution that I will only forget or abandon in a few short weeks? Really, increasing my exercise and losing weight will be part of my personal 2016 resolutions again?!?! Absolutely! I cannot help but believe this year, I will do it! I believe in new beginnings and clean slates! I read a great article that basically said simply by making resolutions, we demonstrate our hope and belief in as well as commitment to becoming a better version of ourselves. Often, it is the first step to real change. So, I will be exercising more and eating less, focusing my time, living with enthusiasm - cutting out sarcasm, and seeking opportunities to extend kindness and mercy.

You know I believe in reflection! January will be a time to review the goals we made at the beginning of the school year and consider our plans for moving forward. I encourage you to take some time to think back to early August and September. Think over how far we have come as a new school. Look at the progress your students have made! Look at the progress you have made! Look at the relationships formed (between your peers and your students) and the difference it has made in educating your students.

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s make 2016 the best for Huntsville Junior High!


Upcoming Events and Notes for this week at HJHS!

January 5 - 14: STAR Winter Benchmark

January 5 - 11: PBIS Roll Out

Wednesday, January 6: Faculty Meeting and Basketball HJHS vs. Mtn. Gap 3:30 (Home)

Thursday, January 7 and Friday, January 8: STAR Reading Winter Benchmark

Monday, January 11: STAR Reading Benchmark Make-Up

Tuesday, January 12 and Wednesday, January 13: STAR Math Winter Benchmark

Thursday, January 14: STAR Math Winter Benchmark Make-Up


We are starting our new year teaching specific procedures and expectations for behaviors - Positive Behavior Intervention Support! Remember you will teach one lesson each day during 1st period Tuesday, January 5 - Monday, January 11. We will hold 1st period for an extra 30 minutes to allow AMPLE time for you to instruct students on each day's topic. Remember the PBIS team came up with the lesson plans/activities for instruction for you! All you have to do is read over the daily lesson (before the kids arrive) and teach. It is important that everyone teach the material! WE want every student receiving the same message! WE ALL WANT HJHS TO BE A SAFE PLACE WHERE EVERY STUDENT HAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN AT HIGH LEVELS! We must convince our kids that safe, orderly environments will provide the culture/climate that will allow them to become college and career ready! If you have questions PLEASE ASK! We don't want confusion or ambiguity! Your admin team and PBIS team are here to encourage, support and help!

Thanks to the teachers who have served on our PBIS team: Kwesi Jackson, Stacy Jamison, Ashley Paludan, Tracy Sears, & Calandra Williams. They have done an amazing job in a very short period of time!

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  • January 5 - 11: STAR Winter Benchmark
  • Wednesday, January 6: Basketball HJHS vs. Mtn. Gap 3:30 (Home)
  • Wednesday, January 6: Faculty Meeting

  • Monday, January 11: 2nd Nine Weeks Report Cards Go Home.
  • Tuesday, January 12: Basketball HJHS vs. Challenger 3:30 (Home)
  • Wednesday, January 13: Faculty Meeting

  • Thursday, January 14: Basketball HJHS vs. Westlawn 3:30 (home)

  • Monday, January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school students/faculty)

  • Tuesday, January 19: HJHS vs. McNair 3:30 (away)

  • Wednesday, January 20: PST Meetings 3:30 - 5:00

  • Thursday, January 21: HJHS vs. HCMS (home)

  • Wednesday, January 27: PLC Meetings

  • Friday, January 29: Half Day Students/Half Day PD for Faculty

  • February 1 - April 1: ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs

  • Wednesday, February 3: Faculty Meeting

  • Monday, February 8: 3rd Nine Weeks Progress Reports Go Home
  • Monday, February 8: Tuesday, February 9: Choir State Solo & Ensemble Festival

  • Wednesday, February 10: PST meetings after school

  • Wednesday, February 17: Faculty Meeting/Equity Training

  • Wednesday, February 24: PLC Meetings

  • February 29 - March 4: SchoolNet Benchmark Assessments

  • Thursday, March 3 - Friday, March 4: State Choral Festival

  • Wednesday, March 2: Faculty Meeting

  • Friday, March 4: End of the 3rd Nine Weeks
  • Wednesday, March 9: PST meetings after school

  • Monday, March 14: 3rd Nine Weeks Report Cards Go Home.
  • Wednesday, March 16: Faculty Meeting/ARI
  • Wednesday, March 30: PLC Meetings
  • Monday, April 4 - Tuesday, April 5: State Choral Performance Assessment

  • Wednesday, April 6: PST Meetings

  • Wednesday, April 13: Faculty Meeting

  • Thursday, April 14 - Sunday, April 17: Advanced Choir Trip to New York

  • Monday, April 18: 4th Nine Weeks Progress Reports Go Home
  • April 18 - 27: STAR Spring Benchmark

  • Wednesday, April 20: PST meetings after school

  • Wednesday, April 27: Faculty Meeting/Test Security

  • April 28 - May 13: ACT End of Course Tests (Algebra I and Geometry)

  • May 2 - 13: ACT Aspire

  • Wednesday, May 4: Faculty Meeting

  • Wednesday, May 11: PST meetings after school - End of the Year