Moons of Saturn

Travel with us to Dione, Mimas and Rhea!

Cheap, fun and fast

fly with PookeyGary airlines to three of Saturn's most beautiful moons. All this for just $2.50. we will first fly to Dione, then Mimas and then Rhea!

Saturn Moons

Wednesday, Feb. 2nd 3200 at 12am

Pookey Way

Upper Marlboro, MD


0:00 - Takeoff

5:31 - Arrival at Dione

5:40 - Breakfast

6:00 - Tour of the planet

12:00 - Lunch

12:40 - More tours

5:00 - bed

0:00 Takeoff

Rinse and repeat for next two planets.

Our spaceship!

Over 1000 rooms and 16 buffet cafes that have all you can eat sundays! 54 neon dark matter rockets that make the star ship fly at 687,725km per minute. all the rooms have king beds that are made of latex infused cotton fabric with good old fashioned feather pillows and doonas.

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Interview with old man

here is an interview with a nice elderly man about our new space tour and he likes it!

Josh B
Saturn's Mysterious Moons

PookeyGary and Co.

we like space so we take people to space for very low prices!