Claire Allison

Key Topics

Job Description:

The main responsibility for a cosmetologist is styling and cutting hair. Usually, the cosmetologist will begin by discussing what style the client would like for her or his hair to be cut to.

Working Conditions:

Most cosmetologist and barbers put in 40 hours a week, but longer hours are more common with self-employers. Many of them create their own work schedule and are able to receive the amount of hours they want/need.

Training/Education Requirements:

Most cosmetology schools require a high school diploma or GED in order to enroll into their program.

Personal Characteristics:

A person with great people and social skills will excel in this job due to the amount of people interaction you will have. A client will want to build a relationship with their hair stylists because how awkward would it be to not talk for an hour, or however long your hair appointment will take.

Earnings and Job Outlook:

The average yearly income for a cosmetologist is around $27,000 a year. Their vacation time is dependent on their clientele and their schedules. The difficulty of finding a job is not too difficult because everyone needs a haircut now and again. However, it would be better to work in a big city due to the large amount of people that live there. More people amounts to more business.

Education Spotlight:

Santa Monica College offers cosmetology as a course at their location. As well, Houston Community College offers cosmetology as a course at their location.

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