Tricks That Help You Remember

Samantha Preston

Why I Chose Mnemonics

I chose this topic because they have helped me in so many classes so I wanted to see how they worked so I can understand them better. My research will help me better understand how they help me remember information and maybe even make it so that next time I use it iI will understand how bits helping me so that it can help me more efficiently.

What is Mnemonic Device

Mnemonic devices are using phrases or songs that are catchy and easy to remember to remember things like numbers that more difficult to remember. such as the months and how many days each month has.
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Parts of the Brain

the hippocampus is used when using the memory part of the brain which is exactly what you are doing when you are using mnemonic devices.
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Analysis of Memory

Modern psychology uncovers the powerful components of an ancient system for improving memory. This analysis was conducted by Gordon H. Bower where she studied the memory and what components help us remember things more easily.


It my not seem like it but Mnemonics are a very big part of learning they have been helping us learn since we started school. They are actually most heavily used when helping younger kids learn to count, read, learn the months, days, ect. So most people don't think its that important but it is very important to teachers in elementary school and they are very thankful for them and so are the students because not only are they fun but they are educational.