Made By: Anahi Morales, AP Human Geography - 4th period

Population Density

Population Density is the amount of people living in a given area, such as France. The Population Density of France is 120.91, meaning there are approximately 120.91 people per square kilometer.

Fertility, Mortality, and Overall health indicators

  • France is known as the most fertile country in the European Union with a total number 2.01 per women. The fertility rate is the number of live births for every 1,000 women of child bearing age.
  • A Mortality rate is the amount of people that die, according to the size of the population. France has a Mortality rate of 3.3 for every 1,000 live births.
  • At birth, someone born in France is expected to live up to 82 years old as of 2012. The median age of France is around 40 years old.

Natural Hazards faced by France

  • As of October 8th 2016 a research shows some of the Natural Hazards France has faced in the past. In Metropolitan France, the part of France located in Europe, some of the natural hazards that have occurred include, flooding, avalanches, midwinter windstorms, drought, and forest fires in the South near the Mediterranean.
  • In the future of France it is said many natural hazards are coming there way. Some of these include deadly flooding, storms, and forest fires.

Population Trends of France

If the population keeps growing as it is, France is expected to hit 70 million people within the years of 2025 and 2030. By 2080 the population of France has the potential to reach a total of 78,8 million.

Push and Pull Factors

  • Push Factors are reasons why people left a certain area. Some push factors of France are persecution, fear, natural disasters, poverty, and unemployment.
  • Pull Factors are reasons why people move to France. During a period in the 1600's many people were pulled to France because of french exploration and expansion of the New World. Another pull factor was King Louis XIV's emigration for women. This included a free passage to the Canadian colonies, during the late 1600's.

France's population policies

France is a country with a Pro-Natalist Policy, meaning they encourage more births by using and handing out incentives.

Some of these incentives include:

  • €1064 to couples who have their 3rd child
  • Maternity Grants
  • Family Allowances, to help families pay for their 3rd child.
  • Maternity leave, for 20 weeks with the first child, and up to 40 weeks with the 3rd child.
  • and many many more others.