Abraham Lincoln

Luke Olsen


To begin with I would like to talk about how Abraham Lincoln got the nickname of Honest Abe. Throughout his life he had always told the truth no matter what. He would tell the even if it meant getting in trouble. Abraham Lincoln was always a good influence to the people around him. People who knew him were pretty lucky to know such a good person.

First Body Paragraph

Abraham Lincoln had a very interesting childhood and teenage years. First is that he was born in "1809 on February 12 in Hardin County, Kentucky." Second is that "his parent were Nancy and Thomas Lincoln," they live with Abraham in a small log cabin. He also was self- educated because he was very fascinated in books. Then when he was older he got many different "jobs as a lawyer, shopkeeper, and surveyor." Then later he married Mary Todd Lincoln and later had four little children named Edward, Thomas, Robert, and William.

Second Body Paragraph

He then became president. He also was a Republican who absolutely did not believe in slavery. Then he became the 16th president "at age 52." Next is that his election made several southern states secede from the Union. Then after that he gave the famous Gettysburg Address. "He also was in office from 1861-1865."

Third Body Paragraph

Then after the Civil War he was shot and killed. A little while before the Civil War ended Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation (which was later put into the constitution as the 13th amendment.). This made it so that all slaves freed. Overall he was most famous for leading America through the Civil War and giving freedom to all slaves. Then later in "1865 on April 15th" he was shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth.


In conclusion I would like to share two very interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln. First is that "did you know that he stored files and papers in his top hat? Second is that did you know that on April 15, 1865 before he was shot he told his bodyguard that the night before he had dream that he was assassinated."


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